Between the words, Liu Qing Yu Lung and out of the car together, we went straight to the office under the leadership of Wang Lung.



At the door of Wang Cheng’s office, Long Xiang just knocked on the door. Liu Qingyu directly waved his hand and pushed the door open and walked in. Liu Qingyu followed.

At this moment, Wang Chengzheng sat behind the computer to fight the landlord. When he saw Liu Qingyu and Long Xiang came in, his face sank at that time. Although Liu Qingyu did not know, but Long Xiang he still knew, immediately cold I saw Long Xiang and said: “Long Xiang, what’s the matter with you, such a big person doesn’t even understand the minimum courtesy rules, who will let you in, give me out.”

Wang Cheng’s voice just fell Liu Qingyu went straight to him and said coldly: “Deputy Director Wang, I am really embarrassed. Long Xiang originally wanted to knock on the door. I stopped him and pushed the door directly. ”

Wang Cheng looked at Liu Qingyu, frowning and said: “Who are you, the subordinate of Longxiang, you are too unruly, give me out.”

At this time, Long Xiang said next to him: “Wang Deputy Director, this is Liu Director of our Urban Management Bureau.”

“Liu Director of Urban Management Bureau, Liu Qingyu.” Hearing the introduction of Long Xiang, Wang Cheng was really surprised. Although he had never seen Liu Qing Yu, but Liu Qingyu’s name is still heard, knowing that this buddy is a very fierce master. Even the Jinglin County Yiba and the county magistrate Xue Wenlong dared to make a violent meal. He really did not dare to annoy Liu Qingyu. Therefore, after hearing the introduction of Long Xiang, Wang Cheng quickly stood up and smiled and said. “Ah, it turned out to be Director Liu. It’s really disrespectful and disrespectful. I called people to make a cup of tea for you, and he said that he would call when he pretended.”

Liu Qingyu said with a faint gesture: “Wang Secretary, we don’t have to play with those virtual things. It doesn’t make much sense. Now that you know that I am the director of the Urban Management Bureau, then I will just start talking. I am here today, I am looking for you. If the urban management bureau has refunded the fines and penalties, please raise your hands and give us the money. How about it.” At

the time of the speech, Liu Qingyu looked down at Wang Cheng.

Liu Qingyu’s height was originally higher than that of Wang. In addition, Wang Cheng was sitting in front of the computer. At this moment, Liu Qingyu looked down and looked down. At that time, he had a feeling of inferiority, but this buddy also A person who responded quickly found that Liu Qingyu oppressed himself with this momentum. He simply lowered his head and continued to stare at his computer to play the game at random. While playing cards, he said coldly: “Liu Director Ah, I am really embarrassed. Now, there is really no money on the books of our Finance Bureau. I think you will wait a second time. Maybe after a day or two, there will be money on the books of the Finance Bureau. By then, I will definitely The first time I will give you the money.”

If the average person is facing Wang Cheng’s answer, although he knows that the other party is definitely a word of excusation, there is no way, because Wang Cheng is now talking about standard Mandarin. On the surface, telling you that you have money, you will be assigned to you immediately. In fact, if you have money on your books, you will not give it to you. Some people say that Mandarin is art. This is true for some people in the officialdom. They can use Mandarin to shirk its responsibility, can be used to maintain the dignity of Mandarin, but for many people, especially the people, this is often the most frustrating thing.

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