Hanging up the phone, Wang Yuqin’s face excitement of color, Yinya biting eyes full of pernicious said: “Liu Qing Qing Liu Yu-yu ah, this time I will bother to learn who your kid to go ..”



For The layout of Wang Yuqin’s work, Liu Qingyu is naturally unclear, because at this moment he has been on the car with Long Xiang and went straight to the Jinglin County Finance Bureau.

Liu Jingyu of Jinglin County Finance Bureau is naturally no stranger. He used to come once, but the last time he came over was to coordinate the dismissal of Cangshan City’s funds. This time, it was for the county and city management bureau.

When the car drove outside the Finance Bureau, Liu Qingyu said to Long Xiang: “Long Xiang, you go up and take the lead, follow the normal process, and ask the county finance bureau to allocate the money belonging to our urban management bureau to us. They don’t give it or use them to anger. You should inquire carefully and see if this thing is stuck there. I have a hunch that this time someone is deliberately designed to target me.”

Long Xiang nodded: “Good. Director, I understand what to do.”

After that, Long Xiang opened the door and walked off the car, and went straight to the county finance bureau.

As the director of the Urban Management Bureau, Long Xiang is still familiar with the Finance Bureau. He quickly found the director of the department directly responsible, and requested the other party to allocate funds according to the process, but the other party directly told Long Xiang that it was about to pass the Spring Festival. However, there is no money on the books of the Finance Bureau. I also said that the funds will definitely be given to the Urban Management Bureau. But after waiting for the money on the books of the Finance Bureau, Long Xiang will grind with the other party for a while, even giving gifts. The means were all used, but the other party refused to accept it, and he said that he could not do anything about it.

When things developed to this point, Long Xiang knew that there was definitely no news from this side, but Long Xiang still had several good friends in the county finance bureau. He found one of his friends and asked about it. Knowing that the Finance Bureau’s book is still a lot of money, there is no money at all. Long Xiang has found another friend to inquire about it. This shows that the money from the Urban Management Bureau was already prepared for transfer 2 days ago. However, Han Mingqiang has been dragging this side first, saying that the money was not urgently allocated. Later, the deputy director Wang Cheng directly ordered the money not to be allocated for the time being. After hearing this, Long Xiang understood that What happened?

Long Xiang returned to the car again and reported to Liu Qingyu: “The Secretary, it seems that your analysis is correct. Behind this allocation should be Han Mingqiang behind the ghosts, and then the Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau Wang Cheng deliberately stuck. Don’t let the people down, the people below them naturally dare not listen to the instructions of the leader. Therefore, I think the key to returning this repayment is to get the deputy director Wang Cheng. Do you want to give him according to the past practice? Send a gift, do a bit.”

Liu Qingyu smiled after listening, and his eyes flashed coldly: “Right, I don’t want him to be worthy of a meal, Wang Cheng is right, well, I will fix him. I still don’t believe it. Is it necessary to ask for a gift at the beginning of this year? Can it be done according to the normal process? Is it necessary for the relevant personnel of the relevant departments to eat the card? I have to look at this. How come you fool me, Wang Cheng office, you know where it is.”

Long Xiang nodded: “Know.”

Liu Qingyu’s face showed a faint smile: “Well, then you lead the way, I will come to the meeting. Wang, deputy director. “

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