Liu Qingyu nodded and said: “Well, that’s good, Meng Huan, now I have something I want you to do for me.”



Meng Huan quickly said: “The old leader, there is something to talk to, I promise to do it.”

Liu Qingyu nodded and said: “Well, this is the case, I am not just going to the county management bureau, everything is very difficult, and the county The deputy director of the Finance Bureau, Wang Cheng, did not know which brain was broken. He even deliberately stuck the refund of the fines of the county city management bureau, and wanted me to fall in front of all the cadres and workers of the urban management bureau. I lost a big face, I hate this person very much.”

When I heard Liu Qingyu say this, Meng Huan suddenly understood the meaning of Liu Qingyu. He knew that Liu Qingyu wanted to take advantage of the situation, but he also borrowed the real power and borrowed the fake. Liu Qingyu just spoke. The words speak so straightforwardly, obviously it is not really wanting Meng Huan to trouble Yang Jiansheng, but want to borrow from him. If Liu Qingyu really wants to trouble Yang Jiansheng, it will not be like this. Talking to yourself, there is another way to talk.

Thinking of this, Meng Huan immediately made a very angry look, said in a strong tone: “My grass, which bastard dare to go with the old leader, you can rest assured, with my relationship with Yang Shushu, pack a small The deputy director of the small finance bureau is still a piece of cake. If it is not possible, I will let my dad send someone directly from the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. I will not believe it. A small deputy director of the Finance Bureau will dare to bully even the old leader. He is still against him. The old leader, you can rest assured, I will call Yang Shushu to see if there is any case of the deputy director of the king. If there is any, I will ask Yang Shushu to personally go out. This kid is looking for a low-key, even the old leader who is so dedicated to doing things for the people, this kid is dare, it is certainly not a good bird, as long as the Commission for Discipline Inspection wants to check, it is absolutely possible to find out the problem. Right, the old leader, This kid is called Wang Cheng, is the deputy director of the Finance Bureau?”

Liu Qingyu nodded: “Well, it is called Wang Cheng, deputy director of the Finance Bureau.”

“Well, the old leader, you can rest assured, I will give Uncle Yang called, Look at the report material on the side of him.” Meng Meng hang up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Qingyu took a chair and sat down directly, and began to close his eyes and raise his mind.

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