Liu Yanyu began to smash his mobile phone.



Wang Cheng looked at Liu Qingyu with a disdain and said: “Hey, it doesn’t matter who you call. This thing is for the twin sisters. I don’t give any face. Even the county party secretary.” Xia Zhengde does not work either.”

Liu Qingyu took out his mobile phone and directly dialed the phone number of the former Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guanshan Town and the deputy secretary of the Guanshan Township Committee, Meng Huan. He directly attacked Wang Cheng: “Meng Huan I am Liu Qingyu. How are you doing in the position of the deputy secretary of the Guanshan Township Committee? Oh, it’s not bad, um, that’s good, do it well, and cooperate with Qin Ruiqi to fight for Guanshan Town. The economy is going up, and the overall situation in Guanshan Town is still good. You have to refuel.” After the

call was connected, Liu Qingyu came up and said to himself a lot of words, and he would call Meng on the other side of the phone. Husband got a fog.

However, Meng Huan is also a wise man. From Liu Qingyu’s way of speaking in accordance with common sense, he is keenly aware that Liu Qingyu’s call to himself is absolutely useless, and it is very likely that Need to help him solve some problems.

Thinking of this, Meng Huan said with a smile: “The old leader, you have instructions, even though, Meng Huan, I will never quit the fire.”

Meng Huan’s voice was very loud, and Liu Qingyu also opened this time. Hands-free, so Meng Huan’s words even Wang Cheng, who stood at the window, could hear it clearly.

Who is this Meng Huan? At this moment, Wang Cheng’s mind has a big doubt.

Liu Qingyu is also a wise man. He heard that Meng Huan suddenly deliberately increased his voice, and when he said the old leadership, he emphasized the tone. This clearly shows that Meng Huan has realized his intentions. This makes Liu Qingyu very satisfied. Although Meng Huan is the son of the secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, he is very reliable in speaking and doing things. He is also very low-key and dares to do things for the people. The most important thing is that this buddy is smart and capable. He has made up his mind to be included in his own lineup.

Therefore, when talking to Meng Huan, Liu Qingyu was even more open. He smiled and said: “Meng Huan, have you recently moved to the county disciplinary committee Yang Shuji to move around, but he is the father of your father. You have to move around more and more.” When talking, Liu Qingyu deliberately took out the attitude of an old leader and pointed his finger at Meng Huan. But through these languages, Liu Qingyu gave Meng Huan a hint that his next topic would involve Yang Jiansheng, the secretary of the county disciplinary committee. This is also the place where Meng Huan needs to cooperate.

Meng Huan heard Liu Qingyu say this, and immediately understood Liu Qingyu’s intentions. He quickly said: “Thank you for the old leader’s advice. I went to Yang Shushu’s house for 2 days on the weekend, and accompanied Yang. The uncle went to play table tennis for a long time. The close-up agent read the full text.”

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