meditation for a full minute, Wang Cheng finally decided to stick to the original decision, especially he suddenly thought that Liu Qingyu had already said However, he is not qualified enough to make him violent.


Since Liu Qingyu is not guilty of himself, why should he be afraid of him? Anyway, as long as Liu Qingyu follows the process, he will definitely not get the money. Especially in the thought of Han Mingqiang’s promise, his heart is full of excitement and expectation. It’s a twin sister’s flower, and I’m excited when I think about it.

Thinking of this, Wang Cheng’s face gradually returned to normal, although still standing at the window and Liu Qingyu keeps a distance, but his mentality has once again restored the previous high posture, Shen Sheng said: “Liu Secretary, I am also very serious and solemnly telling you that all the work of our county finances is in strict and meticulous manner. I did not give instructions because I got the information on the books of the Finance Bureau. There is no money. If you have doubts about my work, you can go to my superiors, but in my case, I can only tell you a word, no money, I have no money here, so I can’t This money is awarded to you, the singer and the sword of the eagle eagle. ”

Between the words, Wang Cheng put his chest high, his mouth squatting hard, making a look of incomprehensibility, just like he is a singer. The righteous martyrs are average.

Seeing Wang Cheng’s words, the side of Long Xiang’s heart is shrinking, and the heart is dark: “Bad, broken, Liu’s attitude and position are too early. If you don’t tell Wang Cheng, this kid will not He started, maybe this kid is afraid of jealousy, and it is possible to give the money. Now that the boy has heard the position of the director, his attitude has become tough. I don’t know how Liu will deal with this kid. What?” Think of it here, Long Xiang looks at Liu Qingyu.

At this moment, Liu Qingyu just smiled and looked at Wang Cheng: “Deputy Director Wang, are you sure you will make such a decision without regret?”

Wang Cheng said with a straight neck and said: “Of course, no regrets, as a leader Cadres must be realistic and seek truth. They talk and do a spit in a pit.”

Liu Qingyu nodded slightly. “Well, a decisive deputy director of the Finance Bureau. Your courage and your courage make me very admire.” Since your deputy director Wang does not give me the face of Liu Qingyu, then don’t blame me today, Liu Qingyu will not give you face.”

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