Now, Liu Qingyu has met Wang Cheng who likes to speak Mandarin and is good at speaking Mandarin.



However, this is Wang Cheng’s misfortune, because Liu Qingyu has never been a person who will always be out of the game.

After listening to Wang Cheng’s official speech, Liu Qingyu just smiled and said: “Deputy director Wang, follow me, don’t say these official words, my Liu Qingyu is not a fool, not a fool, you and me. It is clear that your finance bureau’s book is actually not without money, but you are not willing to give this money to me, but because you want to deliberately get stuck in my Liu Qingyu’s neck, but Deputy Director Wang, I Liu Qingyu’s temper you should have heard, my temper is not good, very bad, you should go to inquire about it. Six months ago, the then county magistrate Xue Wenlong deliberately stuck our Guanshan Town financial allocation is not issued, I am How to treat him.” Said here, Liu Qingyu’s eyes stunned, staring coldly at Wang Cheng, and a cold body of his body suddenly came out.

Liu Qingyu’s blink of an eye can scare Wang Cheng. The buddy’s reaction is also very fast. Liu Qingyu’s eyes blinked. He slammed the whole body and bounced off the chair and jumped to the window. Holding a narrow-mouth vase at the window, the trembling said: “Liu Qingyu, I tell you, don’t come over, don’t mess, or I will call the police.” Talking, his legs are strong The trembling, his face was pale and snowy.

Seeing Wang Cheng scared into this way, Long Xiang sneered aside, and said that his prestige is really big enough. This just mentioned this thing and scared Wang Cheng into this way.

Liu Qingyu looked at Wang Cheng, his eyes filled with disdain, and said coldly: “Wang deputy director, I am not talking about you, you too think of yourself as a green onion, you are not good to go. Inquired, I Liu Qingyu is such a casual person to hit people.”

Wang Cheng heart secretly said: “You are not a fucking strange, just your eyes are obviously a precursor to the hands, okay My buddy’s reaction is fast enough. Otherwise, I must repeat the mistakes of Xue Wenlong.” While holding his heart, Wang Cheng’s brain is spinning fast, and the heart says how should I get out of danger, Liu Qingyu This guy is really too ridiculous. Who knows that this guy’s mind is hot and he will do the hitting.

Looking at Wang Cheng’s sullen face, Liu Qingyu disdainfully smiled: “Wang Cheng, are you afraid of swearing? I just said it, you are not qualified enough to be beaten by my Liu Qingyu, really. I am afraid that I will be filthy of my hand. I am serious and solemn, and I will ask you once again. The money that should be allocated to the Urban Management Bureau is whether you give it or not.” Yu stared coldly at Wang Cheng.

At this moment, Wang Cheng’s heart began to violently beat, and the heart constantly weighed. I gave it or not, if it was given, it’s not too shameful, but if it’s not given, this Liu Qing I really want to take a meal for me. I am too bad.

I should give it or not, and this sentence repeatedly echoes in the heart of Wang Cheng.

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