And the ice is still spreading up.


“Ah, ah!” The soldier was in a panic and shouted.

As a disciple of the venerable venerable, he is strong in strength and knows how to use poison. He has always been incredibly confident and even conceited.

But now he suddenly realized that he could not compete with the students of Panlong college.

The other side obviously didn’t even arrive at the foundation, but they could make the unthinkable way.

“You, do you know who I am?” I am a great disciple of the detoxification, fan! ” Fan Bingqiang said calmly, “why did you do this to me?”

When he was speaking, he was still thinking that the reason why he had just started was perhaps Sun Linger, who wanted heroes to save the United States. The other party has been in baptism before, and almost lost its perception of the outside world.

Then, Fan Bing pointed to sun Ling ER and added, “she is my teacher and sister. If you see him, I will tell you and your master that you have done a good thing for both of you.”

“Brother, you don’t have a face!” Sun Linger’s silver teeth are bitten.

He didn’t expect Fan Bing to sell himself for self-protection. Think, too, that he’s going to kill…

Sun Linger’s face showed some disappointment and helplessness.


The words of the fan did not work at all.

He obviously felt that his legs had been completely frozen, and even the whole body could not move.

“Don’t think that when I sleep, I don’t know what you’ve done.”Ye Dong came cold and cold.” if you weren’t your little bug that made me itch, I didn’t want to wake up so early. You, do not have to force me to give you a ride earlier. “

When talking, Fan Bing seemed to be turned into ice.

What’s more, this is not simply ice, even Fan Bing can not break, and Yin cold into the bone marrow.

After the upgrading of yetun, the Yin erosion formula is also stronger.

“Bugs, bugs…” In the heart of Fan Bing, there was a spirit that woke up suddenly. Why did he not kill Ye Donglai?

Impossible, impossible, phagocytosis, is it also invalid?

“Are you looking for these things?”

Ye Donglai laughed softly and gently lifted the palm of his hand.

Then, a dead heart gnat dropped.

Since he is also in possession of poison work, he will not be caught like Sun Linger. However, the poisoning of foreign people into the body, or led to Ye Donglai can not continue to concentrate on baptism.

Therefore, he can only recover by force and force the heart worm.

“You, you let me go, I am a disciple of the venerable venerable. If you dare to me, your fate will be miserable.” Van Bing realized that he had completely lost the capital of confrontation, so he brought up the master to try to deter Ye Dong.

“Detoxification? Who is that? ” Ye Donglai asked.

Fan Bing was choked to death at that time, even the poisoned venerable people did not know? Are you the man of Panlong college!”Do you know why I didn’t kill you directly?” Let me ask you a few questions first… ” Ye Dong comes from the earth.

“Hum, you put me first, and I think about it.”

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